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 Pavel Filonov

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Pavel Nikolayevich Filonov (Па́вел Никола́евич Фило́нов) (January 8, 1883–December 3, 1941) was a Russian avant-garde painter, art theorist, and poet.
Under the umbrella of Universal Flowering, Filonov put forth a manner of working that proceeded from the particular to the general. He believed that objects and fields should be built up from small details and bits and stated that doing it the other-way-round was nothing short of "charlatanism".


Pavel Filonov FilonovGmurz

The Art of Pavel Filonov

In Memory of Art

"cubism has reached a dead-end because of its mechanistic fundamentals", that a picture, being a model of the world, must not follow a preconceived scheme. Like every living thing in nature it must grow from the particulars to the general. The "organism" against "mechanism": each point on a picture is alive, is capable of evolution and, like every living thing, is unbelievably complex. His pictures turn into pulsating and breathing crystals , knots and nets flowing into each other before the eyes of the onlookers. It has been observed that a very powerful magnification of Filonov's pictures does not affect their quality. On the contrary, it reveals more and more details invisible to the naked eye. He called it "the principle of making completely": with a very fine brush he would paint vast canvasses revelling in the "delight of hard work" and asserting that it is in selfless work that man bares his immortal soul.

Pavel Filonov 242768104_e12c3b24fc
Formula of Spring

Pavel Filonov Sutton7-20-7
Live Head

Pavel Filonov Filonov_goelro

Pavel Filonov SuperStock_261-400
Victory Over Eternity

Pavel Filonov 006_universal_flowering
Universal Flowering



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Pavel Filonov
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