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 Patrick Geryl

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PostSubject: Patrick Geryl   Patrick Geryl I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 2:38 am

Author Patrick Geryl came to the staggering conclusion that the Earth will soon be subjected to an immense disaster. The cause: upheavals in the sun's magnetic fields will generate gigantic solar flares that will affect the polarity of the entire Earth. The result: our magnetic field will reverse all at once, with catastrophic consequences for humanity.
Massive earthquakes will demolish all buildings on the planet, and instigate colossal tsunamis and intense volcanic activity. In fact, the Earth's crust will shift, sweeping continents thousands of miles away from their present positions.
There is ample evidence in the literature of ancient civilizations that such disasters have occured in the past and also clues that they knew when another such calamity would occur. The Dresden Codex of the Maya for instance, contains the secrets of the sunspot cycle, about which our modern astronomers know almost nothing!

In his books, Patrick Geryl continues his scientific analysis of the millennia-old codes of the Maya and Egyptians that refer to the coming super-disaster. He determines that both cultures arose from an antediluvian civilization which was able to calculate the previous polar shifts and that we should take very seriously their calculations that place the next reversal in 2012!

Patrick Geryl is the author of 9 books, written in Dutch of which one was published in Germany, called "Topfit mit Sonnenkost". All of them became bestsellers.
Since his childhood Patrick was also very interested in astronomy and up to now he studied hundreds of publications and books on this subject.
In his first published book on astronomy ("A new Space-Time Dimension", 1979), he launched an attack on the world famous relativity theory: he predicted several spectacular things that were connected to the universe. His predictions were confirmed in the last ten years, getting a lot of publicity in the Belgium press and television.
Through this astronomical knowledge, he discovered a trace leading to a high-developed civilization that was destroyed by a polar reversal. The descendants of this civilization, the Maya and Old Egyptians, predict a similar disaster for the year 2012. Noticing the urgency of this warning, Patrick started an intensive research and wrote three books on this subject.
The first book, "The Orion Prophecy", was published in 1998 in Belgium and Holland. It was translated and published at the end of 2001 in the USA. After this, translations followed in Polish (Edit. Amber), Spanish (Kier), Bulgarian and Portugese (Pensamento). In the meantime the book became a bestseller in Poland. "The World Cataclysm in 2012" was published in 2005 in the USA. "How to survive 2012" was published at the end of 2006.
After these publications, Patrick has mainly spent his time on forming a survival group.

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Official website:


Outside the Box #120 (Featuring Patrick Geryl) -Bonus Production

2012 documentary about Patrick Geryl, "Waar de Wereld Omdraait" -part 1/2
2012 documentary about Patrick Geryl, "Waar de Wereld Omdraait" -part 2/2

Patrick Geryl wants to save civilization from the coming cataclysm in 2012, "Waar de Wereld Omdraait" takes an inside look at Patrick's place, and compares it to the media coverage on his theory of 2012...
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Patrick Geryl
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