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Fun-Da-Mental is a multi-ethnic, British, world fusion and ethno techno band formed in 1991. The style of the group mixes Eastern and Western musical and cultural influences, featuring British dance club electronics, Indian, Afro-Caribbean, and worldbeat samples. Their style of music also "includes a vast mix of Indian classical and popular film music, Morrocan Eastern drum beats, Qawwali sounds, Islamic chants, and the ingenious interweaving of dialogue from famous Hindi movies."

Thematically, Fun-Da-Mental is concerned with social justice, particularly in regard to Britain's treatment of its Asian and Afro-Caribbean citizens. Though their lyrics may be extreme and extremely left-wing, they try to educate the British youth about the presence of Islam and the cause of extreme behavior. Fun-Da-Mental expresses their concerns of social justice by sampling the voices and rallying speeches of historically significant leaders from the past such as Gandhi, Malcolm X, and the Black Panthers.

Islam plays a large role in their anti-racist campaign lyrics. They have performed at antiracist events, like benefits, carnivals, concerts, and rallies. They are leaders that keep issues about the Asian population relevant to this events. They actively appear on different television shows in the UK to debate. The links to those can be found on their myspace page. They do, however, promote militancy and self defense through the lyrics of their songs.

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