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 National Bolshevism

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National Bolshevism is a political movement that claims to combine elements of nationalism and Bolshevism.

National Bolshevism is often anti-capitalist in tone, and sympathetic towards certain nationalist forms of communism and socialism. Nevertheless, National Bolshevism is separate and distinct from National Communism. National Bolsheviks have historically defended both Stalinism and Strasserism, although in current times they do not wish to re-create those systems.

The ideology claims a direct link to Hegel, whom it presents as the father of idealism. The ideology is highly traditionalist in the mold of Julius Evola. Amongst other influences claimed by the movement are Georges Sorel, Otto Strasser and José Ortega y Gasset (although this last influence is largely because of his rejection of left and right labels, which is also a feature of National Bolshevism). While Strasser was a "dissenting Nazi" who advocated a more socialist (than Hitler) Nazi-type system, and is as such often associated with racist groups (many of which are admittedly inspired by Strasser), he did not openly advocate antisemitism during his life and associated with Jews throughout his political career (especially while in exile during the Reich years in Germany). The modern Limonovist wing of the NBP in Russia goes beyond this and opposes xenophobia and racism, but, rather, supports a territorial (not racial) Russian nationalism.

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Aljona Polunina - "The Revolution That Wasn't" (2008)

It is Russia in 2007, exactly a year before the next presidential elections. The opposition is set to act decisively and to take power. Politics, however, serves only as the background for the main action, providing the environment in which the protagonists exist. The film is not about politics as such but rather about people in politics and politics in people. In its essence, this is a movie novel.

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National Bolshevism
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